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Cheryl Cole for under £1...


Posted At: 09 April 2009 15:43 PM
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Just a short blog to keep things ticking over while we try and dig ourselves out from under the mounds of work that have buried us recently! Usual service will be resumed shortly!

The outlook for the Easter bank holiday long weekend looks grim. In my neck of the woods, the forecast currently sits at rain, rain, sun, rain. I suppose 1 out of 4 ain’t bad, though, and should the sun shine on Sunday, I expect a 99p bikini might come in handy...

Single price point variety retailer 99p Stores has launched a range of 2 piece bikinis priced at – surprisingly – just 99p. The range comes in eight different colours and is apparently part of a “Cheryl Cole for under a pound” range, which also includes a cowboy hat and flip flops.

A 99p bikini. Seriously. I am having a hard time getting my head around this one (no pun intended). My personal speculation of course…but how poor does the quality of the garment have to be, and how many miles does it need to be flown for it to be possible to make any profit at all on a garment retailing for 99p?

Apparently “the bikinis are made in the Far East and we [99p Stores] only use ethical factories in accordance with local laws and health standards", says 99p Stores Communications Director and Co-Founder, Hussein Lalani. I suspect the last 9 words of that sentence are ambiguous on purpose, but that’s all I’ll say on the subject!

As great as I think the 99p/pound shop concept is, I’m still not entirely convinced that I’ll be rocking a 99p bikini this summer; I’d be scared of it falling apart, if nothing else! I will, however, continue to get some bits and bobs from 99p Store, and am quite happy that poundland snobbery is being snubbed out!

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