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 18/02/2014Telegraph, Miranda Prynne - Three quarters of retail spending in UK comes from just 18 per cent of shoppers  

Most UK retail spending comes from just 18% of consumers

 The Telegraph reports that nearly three quarters of the money spent shopping in Britain comes from just 18% of consumers, who increasingly make their purchases using mobile devices, a study by Deloitte claims.
The research found that the ‘Super Shoppers’ account for 70% of all UK retail spending, the equivalent of more than £200billion in 2013, despite making up less than a fifth of the population.
These big spenders are twice as likely as others to do their shopping on a mobile phone or tablet computer using new online retail features like ‘click and collect’, which allows customers to order a product online before picking it up from a nearby store.
Researchers also concluded the Super Shoppers - 25 to 44-year-old men and women working in professional or managerial roles - were 30% more likely to do research online before visiting a store.
The study, which was commissioned by eBay, found that two thirds of Brits rely on a variety of retail sources to help make decisions on purchases worth more than £100.
Three quarters of consumers rely on online marketplaces, review and price comparison sites to assist them.
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