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In order to ensure SnapShop continues to meet the needs of its users, we welcome your feedback in our short questionnaire.

Section 1: SnapShop Review

1. Considering its features and the amount of information contained on the site, do you think SnapShop Memberships represents value for money?

2. Were there any particular advantages to SnapShop that encouraged you to choose it over its competitors?

3. Which feature(s) of SnapShop do you use / like the most?

4. Please rate the following features, thinking about ease of use, accuracy of data (where applicable) and anything else you consider a factor
Excellent Good OK Poor Awful Don't know
Retailer pages
a. About Page  
b. Accounts Page  
c. Contacts Page  
d. Rents Page  
e. Retailer Articles Page  
f. Sales Results Page  
g. Stores Page  
h. Similar Retailers Page  
Search features
i. Advanced Search  
j. News Search  
k. Quick Search  
l. Search by Name  
Other site features
m. Blog  
n. Email Alerts Feature  
o. Favourites List Feature  
p. Newsletter (SnapShop Monthly)  
q. Retail & Economic Statistics  
r. SnapShop Customer Service  
5. Do you have any additional comments about SnapShop or any of its features?
6. Would you recommend SnapShop to others if they required a similar product?

7. Do you have any suggestions for future developments?

Section 2: About You

8. What industry sector does your company operate in?

9. Finally, is it important to you that SnapShop is associated with retail business consultants FSP?

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