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Bossy Boots and Spoil Sports


Posted At: 07 May 2010 16:57 PM
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So, Poundland and B&M have been selling Boots’ products on the sly then eh? Tut tut. Although, not really, because it was completely above board and everyone involved was aware…anyway…

Apparently a couple of students from Aberystwyth University uncovered the ‘labeling scam’ - as its being called - after buying a body sculpting cream from their nearby Poundland and discovering a rogue label underneath the existing (why would a ‘couple’ want body sculpting cream? Was the girl just too afraid to break the story alone or what?). For some as yet unknown reason, the label was removed and the Botanics branding was revealed, causing the nation to step back and take a collective gasp of horror! Or not, because no one cares – probably due to some small election thing that’s happening, or maybe just because it’s massively irrelevant to most people, who knows.

So, what most people would have done is keep it to themselves – they bagged a bargain right? At the most, they should have maybe told a few friends to get in on the action. It was clearly not in anyone’s interest for this story to be leaked, and I am dismayed at the fact that they decided bypass both of these options and go to the papers, probably motivated by the thought of some, ahem, monetary remuneration, for their story. Honestly, is everything for sale now? Why couldn’t they just be happy that they’d been lucky enough to discover this amazing cost saving tip?

Yes, I’m sure at least one of Boots’ many millions of customers will be outraged to hear that they’ve been ripped off, but that same customer is probably a) not even in Poundland's demographic and b) a bit naïve anyway, since I find it hard to believe that any creams cost anywhere near the £8 that Boots were charging for the product in question to make. (Said customer should’ve watched Gok Wans beauty tests – they’re all basically the same, no matter how much they cost).

The only people who have lost out here are the consumers, because I’m sure that this practice will now be stopped. Boots were right to sell off their excess produce rather than dumping it the oceans like many others would, and the company to whom they sold it would have clearly had to ask their permission to rebrand it. Poundland have confirmed that the supplier have an agreement with Boots, so they were obviously completely aware of where this ‘excess’ stock was going, and have used the ‘should be going abroad’ line to save face.

What I find more interesting than this silly labeling story is the ingenuity of the Poundland business model, and the way they have been able to offer many openly-branded products at such a low price, completely legally without compromising on quality.

Rather than being painted as ‘criminals’ maybe the two retailers involved should be commended on their ability to ‘think outside the box’ in an effort to recuperate some cost, provide the customer with a lower priced item and for attempting to save the environment! Honestly. Some people spoil it for everyone!

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