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Retail Update - November 2018

Posted At: 15 November 2018 16:54 PM
Related Categories: Future of Retailing, General, Retailers, Store Closures

Pragma's SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the past month read more...

Retail Update - September 2018

Posted At: 24 September 2018 00:16 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics, Retailers

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month read more...

Retailer Spotlight - everyone needs a place to Lounge

Posted At: 17 September 2018 18:25 PM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

In the current retail climate where food & beverage retailers seem to be suffering, café, bar, and restaurant group Loungers is bucking the trend, having embarked on an ambitious and rapid growth strategy. read more...

Retail Update - August 2018

Posted At: 17 August 2018 00:44 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail, Retailers

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month read more...

Retail Update - June 2018

Posted At: 19 June 2018 16:16 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month read more...

Retail Update - May 2018

Posted At: 30 May 2018 00:53 AM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month read more...

Retail Update - April 2018

Posted At: 24 April 2018 00:20 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics, Retailers

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month... read more...

Retail Update - March 2018

Posted At: 23 March 2018 16:00 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail, Retail Statistics

FSP’s SnapShop brings you a snapshot of the UK retail environment for the last month read more...

Retail Update - December 2017

Posted At: 14 December 2017 17:17 PM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

With all the stats pointing towards a dismal Christmas trading period, and inflation hitting six-year high, here are some highlights from the past month to cheer you up read more...

Retail Update - May 2017

Posted At: 19 May 2017 16:32 PM
Related Categories: Administrations, General, Retail Statistics

This month's retail update gives you key retail statistics for the previous month. read more...

Retail Update - February 2017

Posted At: 22 February 2017 14:42 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail

January certainly proved to be a mixed month to mark the start of 2017, with a mixed bag of Christmas sales being reported across the board, and both retail sales and footfall dipping, even online sales faltered this month. read more...

Will retailers be the winners of this World Cup?

Posted At: 20 June 2014 10:31 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail

The World Cup is now well underway in Brazil, with the big brand names in sport and beer particularly, making a lot of noise in order to capitalise on the nation’s love of football. However, retailers have been noticeably quieter… should they be doing more to capitalise on the event? read more...

Retail Spotlight - New food and beverage retailers

Posted At: 26 March 2014 17:16 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail

Earlier this year we reported that pub and restaurant groups had enjoyed a successful start to 2014, with total sales, including... read more...

Retail Update - January 2013

Posted At: 18 January 2013 00:00 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail, Retail Statistics, Retailers

Statistics for December look promising with overall shop price inflation remaining at 1.5% for the third consecutive month according to the BRC Nielsen Shop Price Index. read more...

SnapShop – The Reliable Source of Retailer Information

Posted At: 15 October 2012 14:48 PM
Related Categories: FSP News, General

When FSP launched SnapShop, 7 years ago, we were testing the water. It seemed sensible to us; if we found the information on our database useful, then so would others in retail. We weren’t wrong. This year has seen some of our very first members sign up for their 7th year. read more...

And Finally - Tommy & Kate

Posted At: 22 February 2012 13:00 PM
Related Categories: And Finally, General, Social Commentary

Tommy Hilfiger, the upmarket American brand, is attempting to secure increased sales through its British stockists with the lure of a trip to New York read more...

Birding - one more way to spend your money

Posted At: 05 July 2011 16:16 PM
Related Categories: General, Social Commentary

Possibly a bit of news you’ve missed…. Retailers are reporting bird supply prices rising as much as 100% over the last year. And according to the folk on the telly, over 50% of households feed garden birds. So that’s where we’re disposing of our income! read more...

And Finally - World's first floating ice cream van

Posted At: 16 June 2011 13:14 PM
Related Categories: And Finally, General, Media

Fancy an ice-cream while swimming or sailing or boating or surfing or, umm, jet skiing? read more...

And Finally - Bare shoppers turn heads…

Posted At: 26 April 2011 14:11 PM
Related Categories: And Finally, General


The Shrinking Cadbury Bar

Posted At: 10 February 2011 12:53 PM
Related Categories: General, Retailers, Social Commentary

The famous Dairy Milk bar has been reduced in size by 20g allegedly for “economic reasons". read more...

The Big Fish Fight

Posted At: 18 January 2011 12:22 PM
Related Categories: General, Media, Social Commentary

Over the past week Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and friends have launched ‘The Big Fish Fight’. read more...

Secret Shopper

Posted At: 13 January 2011 14:00 PM
Related Categories: E-tailing, General, Media, Social Commentary

A look at the UK'S customer service

PAYG Membership

Posted At: 12 December 2010 17:20 PM
Related Categories: General

Advantages of Paying As You Go...

Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding for sale on eBay

Posted At: 01 December 2010 15:17 PM
Related Categories: General

Demand for Heston Blumenthal’s Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding is so high that after selling tens of thousands, last night Waitrose said there were only 2,000 left in the country. read more...

And Finally - Keeping up with the Royals

Posted At: 18 November 2010 13:35 PM
Related Categories: General

The Royal Wedding feeds the news...

Struggling for Christmas present ideas?

Posted At: 09 November 2010 16:11 PM
Related Categories: General, Social Commentary

Stuck with a difficult secret Santa gift to get? Wondering what to get that distant relative or work colleague? How about a Marmite chocolate bar! read more...

BCSC attendees benefit from SnapShop

Posted At: 04 November 2010 00:59 AM
Related Categories: General

FSP exhibited at BCSC and gave visitors to the stand free access to SnapShop read more...

And Finally - Contains Nuts!

Posted At: 22 October 2010 00:57 AM
Related Categories: General

Just how far do retailers need to go to ensure we, the cerebrally challenged consumer, do not injure, or even kill, ourselves whilst partaking of our purchases? read more...

2009 Review

Posted At: 04 January 2010 16:44 PM
Related Categories: Administrations, Future of Retailing, General, Retail, Retailers, Social Commentary

A look back at some of the top retail stories from 2009 read more...

FSP Christmas Office Opening

Posted At: 23 December 2009 10:00 AM
Related Categories: General

Office opening hours during Christmas

He's from just south of the Watford Gap

Posted At: 15 July 2009 14:55 PM
Related Categories: General

Now, 10 points if you can tell me which song the title is quoting. read more...

Fishy Business

Posted At: 22 April 2009 13:15 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail Suppliers

No Drain Tuna. Seriously. What’s that all about?

Just a wee note

Posted At: 27 February 2009 13:35 PM
Related Categories: General

Short hiatus

Who ate all the pies?

Posted At: 12 January 2009 16:32 PM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

Do Greggs even sell pies?

Biggest stories of 2008

Posted At: 06 January 2009 16:52 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail, Retail Statistics, Retail Suppliers, Retailers

Happy New Year to all our readers, and welcome to the first SnapShop Blog post of 2009! As is [to become a] tradition with these things, we’re going down the ‘a year, in retrospective’ route. So without further adieu, here’s a not-so-quick review of the hottest stories of 2008 (from a retail industry perspective, anyway). read more...

What will you be doing on Christmas day?

Posted At: 24 December 2008 11:00 AM
Related Categories: E-tailing, General

Shopping online, probably!

Men And Christmas

Posted At: 22 December 2008 11:55 AM
Related Categories: General

A blog about blokes at Christmas. Need I say more!? read more...

The Post Of Christmas Past

Posted At: 19 December 2008 13:15 PM
Related Categories: General

Until 1878, Valentine’s cards were more popular than Christmas cards. read more...

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Posted At: 15 December 2008 16:11 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail Suppliers, Town & Shopping Centre Management

Do you have a Santa in your Shopping Centre? read more...

Full Blown Super Duper SnapShop Membership

Posted At: 12 December 2008 00:51 AM
Related Categories: General

Do you fully understand how poerful SnapShop is?

How much!?

Posted At: 11 December 2008 00:58 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics

Interesting Christmas statistics!

Contacts Membership

Posted At: 09 December 2008 00:10 AM
Related Categories: General

Anyone who's anyone knows who's anyone...

All The Best News...At Your Fingertips!

Posted At: 06 December 2008 11:45 AM
Related Categories: General

Keep up with SnapShop's £96 News Membership!

Top Selling Christmas Music

Posted At: 04 December 2008 12:56 PM
Related Categories: General

Music fans turn away now; we are delving into the murky world of…Christmas pop hits. read more...

Every Little Helps

Posted At: 17 November 2008 14:00 PM
Related Categories: General

Something for nothing for one lucky winner!

It'll be a healthy Halloween for many UK retailers

Posted At: 29 October 2008 11:59 AM
Related Categories: General

In 2001, British spend on Halloween stood at just £12m. 7 years later, numbers are forecast to reach triple figures and major retailers are standing up and taking note. read more...

From Marrakech to…Manchester?

Posted At: 08 October 2008 11:50 AM
Related Categories: General

Is it possible that Britain’s social conscience, when it comes to shopping, is devolving? read more...

To Buy Or Not To Buy...

Posted At: 18 September 2008 16:50 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics

This month marks the arrival of the £60 tax rebate/correction in our pay packets, but will it boost sales figures for ailing retilers, or are we all too sensible to treat ourselves these days? read more...

Take A Break From Scientific Research

Posted At: 11 September 2008 14:10 PM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

Asda takes 9 months to create dunkable cookie.

Trinny and Susannah Undress the Obesity Crisis

Posted At: 13 August 2008 11:15 AM
Related Categories: General, Retailers

Are retailers doing enough for Plus Size ladies? And should they? read more...

How far can we knock consumer confidence?

Posted At: 01 August 2008 11:13 AM
Related Categories: General, Retail

GfK NOP have reported a further drop in consumer confidence, to a level not seen since the UK was heading into the last recession. Is this a true reflection of how we feel? read more...

Like stats? Love our new stats page!

Posted At: 30 July 2008 10:45 AM
Related Categories: General

SnapShop have always reported various retail statistics in their monthly newsletter, SnapShop Monthly, however all the information is now available to view online too! read more...

Silver Lining In Form Of Sales

Posted At: 25 July 2008 15:20 PM
Related Categories: General

It's not all doom and gloom, there are savings to be had... read more...

Developments, ahoy!

Posted At: 22 July 2008 11:47 AM
Related Categories: General

Exciting things in SnapShop world!

Shoplifters are not criminals

Posted At: 09 July 2008 12:46 PM
Related Categories: General, Retail Statistics

Persistent shoplifters could avoid jail under rules proposed by the Sentencing Advisory Panel yesterday, a move which has angered many in the industry and that the BRC has labelled ‘ridiculous’. read more...

BPI forces ISP's to target law breaking customers

Posted At: 07 July 2008 13:29 PM
Related Categories: E-tailing, Future of Retailing, General

BPI and Virgin team up to 'educate' consumers about the illegality of if they didn't know read more...

Development news

Posted At: 27 June 2008 13:54 PM
Related Categories: General

New pages for SnapShop

Power To The People

Posted At: 20 June 2008 14:40 PM
Related Categories: General

Irish developer buys Battersea Power Station and proposes new mixed-use scheme to open by 2014. read more...

The Devil Wears Primark...or M&S, or MK One, or Gap, or Nike etc etc

Posted At: 16 June 2008 16:11 PM
Related Categories: General

Primark sacks 3 Indian factories known to be using child labour as a result of unauthorised sub contracting – but they have no ethics, apparently read more...

The latest victim of violence on our streets...and in our shops

Posted At: 12 June 2008 11:45 AM
Related Categories: General

Britons will queue for almost anything, just don't, for the love of God, jump in front. read more...

Oliver opens new Italian - hit or miss?

Posted At: 11 June 2008 00:53 AM
Related Categories: General

Are your stomachs feeling the credit crunch or is Jamie Olivers new Italian-themed eatery enough to prise open your wallets? read more...

Pedlars in your town centre

Posted At: 06 June 2008 14:15 PM
Related Categories: General, Town & Shopping Centre Management

I understand a bill is being placed before the commons to regulate the use of the Pedlars Act 1871. These people, have morphed the original definition to protect themselves read more...

Ethics and Retailing

Posted At: 21 February 2008 14:42 PM
Related Categories: Environmental, General

The words “ethics” and “morality” are derived respectively from the Greek and Latin words for “customs”. In a society of increasing diversity, without universally respected traditions and heritage, whose ethics are relevant? In a purely market driven economy, the ethical stance of the target customer, constrained by the law of the land, would read more...


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