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And Finally - QR Code on a Cow to Raise Awareness


Posted At: 19 July 2012 13:21 PM
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In an attempt to raise awareness, a dairy farmer in Somerby, Leicestershire has come up with a new form of farming technology - putting QR codes on to cows. Lady Shamrock, the Fresian in question, is unknowingly raising the profile of the whole British dairy industry with her new tattoo.

Passers-by can scan the QR code using an app on a smartphone and get quick access to a blog which contains information about Lady Shamrock''s daily routine and the challenges facing dairy farmers.

Traffic to Lady Shamrock''s site has soared by 150% since she was turned into a walking weblink.

We all have seen QR Code tattoos, QR Code augmented reality t-shirts, people even cut their hair in a shape of a QR Code. So should we be surprised on seeing a cow who is moo-ving with the times — with a digital bar code on her side? Nonetheless this is unique, proving to be a huge hit among teenagers and is believed to be first of its kind in the country.

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